Frequently asked questions

What is Kingdomfall?

Kingdomfall is an upcoming multiplayer fantasy hack 'n slash game.

What are the supported platforms?

Our main target platform is Windows, but possibly we will try to realase on Mac/Linux.

Where I can ask more questions?

You can use the form on the Contact page.

Will there be singleplayer?

No. Possibly we will add some tutorial/training game mode where you'll be able to play and practice without multiplayer.

Does the game use 3rd person view or 1st person?

Currently only 3rd person view is planned. In our opinion it is better course our combat system a lot relies on how you move and look aroud, and this is much more comfortable from the 3rd person view. But we may try to add 1st person view later.

How does the melee combat system work?

In Kingdomfall you have four directions to perform action - up, down, left and right. If you move your mouse while pressing attack (default:LMB), you will perform simple attack in the opposet direction. If you were helding heavy attack button (default:C), you will perform heavy attack with a step forward. This attack is more powerfull and can push enemy backward. To block in the specific direction you can move mouse in that direction and press block (default:RMB). To avoid attacks you can also press the dodge button while pressing the movement direction key(default: W/A/S/D + Space). You can use simple attacks while dodging. This will be kind-of counter attack.

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