Kingdomfall - is an upcoming multiplayer fantasy hack 'n slash game which will bring you directly into the hell of the medieval battlefield. Advanced skill-based combat system, siege vehicles, destruction, drakkars, deadly magic - this is what Kingdomfall has prepared for you. Create your unique character, select his equipment, weapons and skills. Jump into the battle, where fire balls fly over you head, drakkars bring death across the sea and siege vehicles destroy castle walls. Behind that, soldiers are rushing through the enemies lines, rains of arrows, still trying to survive and even win the battle.


The most advanced player skill-based combat system

The combat system is the core in Kingdomfall. Different types of attaks, blocks, counterattacks, dodgers give you the real freedom in the fight.


Epic battle atmosphere that will not leave you indifferent
Siege vehicles shells, exploding nearby, rain of arrows falling onto you head, even ground - burning from magic fireballs. In this world you always should stay focus to survive.


Siege vehicles of all types and purposes

Want to have an advantage against infantry? Take small ballista - fast and deadly enough to kill anyone with one shot. Of maybe your enemies are shooting you from the castle walls? Then the catapult might be an asset. Heavy catapult shell is capable of destroying parts of castle walls and even walls in towers. Enemies will have no place to hide. And if they will retreat deep into their city - reach them with trebuchet. Move the Ram to the castle doors and brake them to open a wide entrance for your infantry. Or maybe moving along the castle walls suits better for your siege plan? Then take the huge castle tower to safety bring a lot of men right on the enemies walls.


Take control over rivers and sea

Fast drakkars are great to cross rivers or attack enemies positions from the sea. Or you can even meet your enemies right in the sea battle.


Bring death from the far distance

Bows, crossbows or maybe trowing axes - you have all to conduct long-range combat.


Feel the power of deadly magic

Bring fire rain to the enemy or froze them to death. Heal allies and hide them behind a huge magic shield. Magicians have always had respect for their unbelievable power.


Be yourself

Create your unique character. Choose the visual look, adjust skills, select equipment - jumpt into the battle and prove your skills. And who knows, maybe one day enemies will run away only when they see you from afar.

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