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Strong and agile class with access to the most strong weapons and heavy armor. Ideal for close combat.


Uses bows or crossbows. Can equip light-to-middle weapons and armor. Indented to maintain the distance combat.


Can use the power of some magic school to deal massive damage, provide defense to the team and more. Uses specific armor and magic staff.



The combat system is the core of Kingdomfall.

Simple attacks, strong attacks, blocks, counterattacks, dodgers, shield strikes give you the real freedom in the fight.

Strong attack can push enemy a little back, so you can use this to your advantage and throw someone off the cliff or, for example, push him on deadly pikes which will cause lethal damage.

By combining dodge and simple attack during the enemy's attack you can perform counter attack, this attack deals more damage and forces an enemy to lose balance for a moment.




Giant siege vehicle that can deal significant damage, can reach enemies at a far distance. Perfectly destroys parts castle walls, can reach enemies even behind them. 


Has one target - destroy the castle gates. Just stay nearby to move it to the target, and it will perfectly do it's job.


The most commonly used siege vehicle during the siege. Reloads faster then the trebuchet, can destroy castle walls but will not reach any further and does not deal damage to the area. 

Siege Tower

Huge siege vehicle that can bring the whole team directly onto the enemy's walls.


The smallest and the fastest siege vehicle, reloads fast, one shot-one kill. The shield can save from it, but only once.


The great fast and maneuverable ship, can quickly bring your squad on the other side of the river. 





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